Battery Smarten Saver Series 1000

Battery Smarten Saver Series 1000

MRP.48,000.00 Rs. 19,540.00
Made with Hi-Power Selenium technology which makes it almost self-sustainable battery (Low maintenance) and more durable (Low self-discharge current). All of smarten's batteries are solar panel compatible.

It protects you from the suffering of buying a new battery whenever you wish to switch to solar. Saver is a programmable battery. Hence, it can be used in a wide variety of applications.

  • Solar panel compatibility
  • Hi Power Selenium Technology
  • More backup, more reliability
  • Deep cycle solar compatibility battery
  • Low maintenance
  • Low self-discharge current
  • Battery Type
    Tubular Solar Battery

    Battery Capacity

    12V 100Ah
    Rated Capacity 
    100Ah @C10
    Length (mm)
    Width (mm)220
    Height (mm) 
    Dry Weight (KG in Approx.) 
    Wet Weight (KG in Approx.) 
    60 Months Replacement  
    Rust Proof Technology
    The ampere-hour efficiency 
    ≥ 91.6%
    Special features


    Low SELF -Discharge (≤3% Per Month @ 27 °C) 

    High Discharge Capacity  

    Type of -ve plate  
    Flat Pasted
    AH efficiency  
    WH efficiency  
    Terminal Type Type of separator  
    L-Terminal with Antimony Lead Alloy PE  
    Type of container  
    • Banks
    • IT Parks 
    • Corporate Establishments 
    • Telecommunications 
    • Railways  Online UPS/Inverter

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